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This Perth based estate agents approached Creative Orange as they said they had been let down by another designer which meant the turnaround time was very short as they were due to launch their business and needed a logo and full suite of branded marketing materials created very quickly. We worked alongside the client to ensure we encapsulated their vision for Reid Estates and produced a sophisticated brand style to help them appeal to their preferred target audience within their sector. To date we have produced a new style logo, branded stationery set, promotional flyers, bespoke company brochures and signage. The end results were well received and have allowed Reid Estates to stand out in a crowded marketplace and promote themselves to a receptive audience.


“Our experience of working with Creative Orange was excellent. From creating our logo to designing branded stationery, leaflets and printed brochures, they produced work of the very highest standard and in a professional, friendly manner. We’d recommend Creative Orange to anyone looking for quality design delivered with excellent customer service.”
Helen Reid (Partner, Reid Estates)

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