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DID YOU KNOW: Half of all UK businesses believe that managing your brand has become more important to help them maintain a competitive edge. - Source: The Design Council.


It is vitally important that you manage your brand correctly, making it work for you to help achieve your objectives and improve that all important bottom line. It is imperative for your brand to be recognised as having a positive image and not a negative one. Both your business and personal branding needs to work for you, also, ensuring your mission and values are encompassed within your logo and marketing materials will help you to achieve your business goals.


Are the teams running your business clear on the values of your brand identity and do they understand how their behaviour and output can either enhance or detract from the perception of your image in the marketplace? Is your business in the right place to move forward and improve the success of your brand? Is your sales strategy supporting the objectives of your business in the right way? Are your account managers reactive and transactional or are they proactive trusted advisors? Are you making the most of social media, are your users brand ambassadors? Do you need a reset?


At Creative Orange we have the skill set and experience to equip you to support and manage your brand successfully. Our informal approach allows us to encompass your goals and become part of your business for the duration of the project.


How we can help:

  • Sales strategy.

  • Account management and planning.

  • Social media branding.

  • Customer experience and touch points.

  • Mentoring and training.

  • Customer service.

  • Business review and planning.

  • New revenue stream generation.


Whilst we work with all types of businesses, our years of hands on experience means we can provide an unrivalled service to the hospitality industry in particular. We can carry out bespoke projects to support clients maximise their top line whilst increasing profits. From operations, to sales and bedrooms, to restaurants, we enjoy a challenge, and unlike our competitors we provide an in-house solution with no outsourcing.


A well managed brand, implemented correctly, can drastically improve your growth and profitability.

Give us a call on 0845 388 9169 and we'd be happy to discuss your project and bounce a few ideas around.

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